What’s New

What Keystone NAVHDA is up to these days…

Keystone NAVHDA Requirement:  EVERY member and individual attending training must sign a Release of Liability form. There will be no exceptions. Anyone who fails to comply with this policy will not be permitted to train with the Keystone Chapter or utilize its permits. The release can also be found within the Membership Application.

All handlers and dog owners testing must be a member of NAVHDA International.

The Keystone Chapter renewed several Executive Committee positions for 2020:

  • Cristin Murray – Dir. of Testing
  • Brandt Fink – Dir. of Training
  • Todd Neumyer – Dir. of Permits

Returning Committee members are:

  • Randy Hanson – President
  • John Lehman – Vice President
  • Keith Yorks – Secretary
  • John Wolfe – Treasurer