Keystone Policy Manual

Last Revision: 1/2022
Policy 1: All persons must wear at least one article of blaze orange clothing while in the field when live rounds are being used.

Policy 2: Upon arrival at a Keystone Chapter Training day, everyone must sign in with the Training Director or an Executive Council Member. A record will be maintained of those attending Keystone Chapter training events. People that have ordered birds for Training Events must pay for their birds upon arrival, and bring their own bird boxes and transfer their birds as soon as possible. Birds lost in transfer are the responsibility of the purchaser, not the Keystone Chapter or the Bird Supplier. All birds must be appropriately tagged per PA Game Commission rules. Duct Tape is not allowed to be used for wing-taped ducks – masking tape must be used per PA Game Commission.

Policy 3: Keystone Chapter members must be a member of the International organization of NAVHDA due to liability insurance coverage. Keystone Chapter members, all guests, and prospective members must sign a Release of Liability every year prior to attendance at any official function of the Chapter — NO exceptions. Prospective members (non-chapter members who bring a dog to training and guests) are permitted to attend one training event with a completed Release of Liability form without becoming a Keystone Chapter member. After which they must obtain Chapter membership to participate in more than one official Chapter function.

Policy 4: Eligible gunners must meet the following criteria: A gunner shall be a voting member in good standing with the Keystone Chapter. A gunner shall demonstrate safe handling and shooting technique to at least one member of the executive committee prior to selection and shall be approved by consensus of the committee members. A gunner shall annually attend and participate in a safety discussion conducted by the executive committee or other approved representative and be familiar with NAVHDA rules and practices for safe shooting. A gunner shall provide his or her own break open shotgun. Test gunners would be selected by the executive committee from the pool of approved gunners based upon a demonstrated ability to be safe and accurate.

Policy 5: The Test Secretary will handle test entries on the following basis: Test entries will be taken on a first come first serve basis by the Test Secretary. Test entry applications must be completed in entirety and accompanied by the appropriate funds in order to be accepted by the Test Secretary (NO EXCEPTIONS!). All checks will be deposited upon receipt by the Test Secretary. If a handler requests to cancel a test entry, such request will be handled as follows: A refund equal to eighty percent (80%) of test entry fee will be provided for any dog withdrawn from the test, more than 30 days in advance for which a fully paid replacement is found. NO REFUND will be provided for a test withdrawal less than 30 days prior to the test. Limit the number of test entries per handler per test day to one half of the available test slots based on the test entry formula from NAVHDA (i.e. an all Natural Ability test will have a maximum often {10) slots. Thus, the maximum number of test slots per handler per test day would be five (5) slots).

Policy 6: Expenditures for Keystone Chapter necessities and capital investments shall be separated into three categories for the purpose of efficiency. Discretionary expenditures not to exceed $150.00 can be approved by any member of the Executive Council. Exceptions to this policy include the purchase of birds for scheduled Keystone Chapter Events and deposits required for securing grounds and lodging for Keystone Chapter Events. Expenditures between $150.00 and $700.00 require a Keystone Executive Council vote only. Expenditures greater than $700.00 require majority approval of the Keystone Chapter voting members.

Policy 7: The Keystone Chapter trailer is to be used for Keystone Chapter functions only. In addition, the following rules apply: NO personal use is allowed. Any vehicle pulling the Keystone Chapter trailer must have auto insurance coverage. The person in possession of the Keystone Chapter trailer is responsible for maintaining the inventory of Keystone Chapter equipment. A list shall be established that identifies all equipment that is stored in the trailer. Prior to moving the Keystone Chapter trailer, the hitch/hookup, doors and stabilizer jacks must be checked and verified in proper working condition.

Policy 8: There will be NO shooting of leftover birds on Keystone Chapter test days. It is permissible to exercise dogs in the fields.

Policy 9: A valid Keystone Chapter Training Permit issued by the Pennsylvania Game Commission must be available at all Chapter training and/or testing events held on Commonwealth properties. Copies of Keystone Chapter Training Permits may only be provided to or possessed by members of the Executive Council or Chapter Gunners approved as outlined in Policy 4. A copy of the Training Permit shall remain on-site for the duration of each respective training and/or testing event and shall be produced upon request by any official of the Pennsylvania Game Commission or other legal authority.